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28 November 2015

1:35 pm

Ugh. Ran through everything once earlier today, a lot of rough patches. Maybe wasn’t completely warmed up, maybe that’s just how it goes. In the past, I’ve made the day before the audition an “easy” day. Kind of a superstition, although probably there’s some basis for it in athletic practice. Not doing that today; there’s too much still to be worked out.

2:20 pm

Hoping I’ll get an answer to this tweet – it’s definitely what I’m feeling just now:

4:00 pm

Fear of Bach–which must of course be Bachphobia–has returned. Mild case, but still super threatening. Making progress through the excerpts. Having lapses of willpower trying to stay focused and avoid distraction. At least the ‘interleaved’ technique gives me something of a framework to structure the day.

5:08 pm

Bach in between every set of three other excerpts. Must overcome the fear! Other things are progressing well enough. I organized today from hardest to easiest, so as to impart some feeling of comfort as the day went on. Later I will have to take on the question of how to organize tomorrow. I think it’s slow read-through of each excerpt, rather than extended working out of things at speed.

6:45 pm

Reminding myself by writing it here: the only emotion that will help you in an audition is joy. Joy at playing, joy at learning all this music, joy at the opportunities you have. Everything else is just going to distract and punish you.

Heading into the home stretch. Uncertain whether I will take a pass at everything once more before wrapping up for the day.

9:35 pm

Earlier, decided I’m done for the day. To bed now, up early to get warmed up.


postscript: Doug Replied a little later –


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  1. Leah says:

    I like your thoughts on joy during the audition.

    • Jacque Harper says:

      Thanks! I know it’s true … but hard to do. So easy to lose sight of the present moment, get bogged down in frustration at a missed shift or scratchy sound, and lose all focus.

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