Audition Daily Blog 15

29 November 2015

Today’s the day. I won’t say what time I’m playing … it occurred to me after I sent my email about the CSO sub list audition that by mentioning the time I was playing, I might be seen as trying to tip off the panel to my presence. I have several CSO section members on my mailing list, including Alex Hannah, the principal of the CSO. Anyway, not doing that this time, whatever.

I’m going to warm up slowly on everything – I’ll spend as much time as I can just note-by-note. I think that’s the right approach. I’ve also got a structural therapy session scheduled to take out the kinks in my back that I’ve created over the last few days.

And right now I’m going to remind myself that the only emotion that will help me during the audition is joy: joy at playing, joy at the progress I’ve made over the past weeks and months, joy at the opportunity to be where I am. I need to be as joyful as a bicyclist whose teeth are covered in flies. (It’s a JOKE! think about it for a moment. Here’s the original, as told by my childhood friend Davy Gates: “How can you tell a bicyclist is happy? Count the flies on his teeth!”)

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Usual daily traffic is like that sliver of Nov. 20 that you see at the left edge of this image.

Hey, thanks to all of you who have been following this blog for these two weeks. Yes, I spend a little too much time looking at the stats, but it encourages me to think that I’ve been sharing this ride with others. And if for whatever reason you’re just joining, the journey–or at least the documentation–starts with Audition Daily Blog 01.

Okay, that’s it. Off to the races, folks. Thanks again for following, and especially to those of you who have left comments or sent emails.



2 Responses to “Audition Daily Blog 15”

  1. Brigitte says:

    Great focus that the focus on joy, the fact that you are able to play music, that out of your fingers comes this beautiful sounds… Just like Theo’s soccer coach who has really engrained into his 11 years old boys that the most important was to have fun, that this was the focus.
    You worked hard these past two weeks, now is no longer in your hands, enjoy as much as you can!

    • Jacque Harper says:

      Well, let’s be clear, it IS in my hands to do the best that I can; and there are still a few hours in which I can affect this particular event. But yes, I don’t control my competition or the reactions of the panel listening to the auditions. 🙂

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