Musicians of the Chicago Bass Ensemble

Jacque Harper

…has performed with orchestras and musical theater in the Chicagoland area. He holds degrees from Carleton College and the San Francisco Conservatory of music, and holds his bow in his right hand. In 2012, he upgraded his ride to the Mazda2 (read about a bassist deciding to buy a car).

Jacque was driven to found the Chicago Bass Ensemble by a desire to create music with a profound effect on audiences, a love of the double bass and a desire to be part of a collaborative and collegial musical environment. He is honored that his colleagues join him in this endeavor. Jacque blogs about the experience of founding and leading a musical ensemble on the Chicago Bass Ensemble website under its blog, and especially under the categories “Getting it Done” and “The Leadership Struggle” and the tag “Done Well and To-Do.”
twitter: @chicagobassens
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Julian “Pat” “PJ” Romane

…lives in the Southlands of Chicago and has been a regular member of a number of local orchestras including:  Lake Forest Symphony, Northwest Indiana Symphony, Northbrook Symphony, South Bend Symphony, Rockford Symphony, Illinois Symphony, and the Chicago Chamber Orchestra.  He has performed with many other ensembles including:  Elgin Symphony, Illinois Philharmonic, Ravinia Festival Orchestra and Memphis Symphony.  He maintains a teaching studio in Lagrange and at his home in Homewood.  He actually has two J names in his full name, but never uses the second one (Joe).  Julian Pat drives a  2008 Honda Fit (his second).

Josh Harrison

Harrison_Bass…used to be a violinist, but he came to his senses and started playing the bass with a German bow. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music performance from Trinity International university and he is a current master’s degree candidate at Northwestern University. In addition to his schooling, Josh enjoys freelancing for musical groups such as the Elgin Symphony, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and the Northbrook Symphony. He currently drives a Toyota RAV-4; his next ride will be the Batmobile.

Doug Johnson

…freelances throughout Chicago. Together with Michael Hovnanian, he is part of “Gunnelpumpers.” another group with a lot of bass players. He recently purchased a Toyota Prius.

Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson….lives in Elgin with his wife and three boys.  He drives a diesel Jetta Sportwagen which can fit two basses, two stools and two players and gets great mileage!!!  He performs with the opera, in the park, and with a bunch of other groups.  Andy teaches bass studios at his home, at Wheaton College, and at Roosevelt University.  Andy studied bass at the University of Michigan (BM), Indiana University (MM), and the University of North Texas (DMA-one year).  He prefers big basses with extra strings because they’re more fun.

Neal Rodack

…Chicago Civic Bassist, a stand up guy.

Other Contributors

From time to time, other colleagues join us. Here are some of them…

Charlie Macko

…is an International Man of Mystery. Instead of bothering with driving his bass from place to place, he has a new one built and delivered for each performance he takes part in.

John Tuck

…drives an incredible ice-jumping Volvo wagon.

Anton Hatwich

…is a bassist, composer, recording artist, and music teacher based out of Chicago, IL. His wide range of professional experience, deep sense of musicality, and powerful tone make Anton’s playing a sought-after commodity in Chicago’s diverse musical community.

As an educator, Anton has over twelve years of experience working with bass students of all levels – children to adults, beginner to college level. He teaches privately in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. In addition to the Double Bass and Electric Bass, Anton also teaches Guitar and Piano, and drives a 2007 Toyota

Hans Peterman

… holds a Masters of music and Bachelor of Music Bass performance degrees from Chicago College of the Performing Arts (CCPA) and plays Classical and Jazz on Double Bass throughout the city in groups such as the Northbrook Symphony, and is much in demand as a Bass Guitar player as well. He drives a 2002 Monte Carlo LS, because it’s particularly difficult to move a bass in.

John Floeter

…has been an active bassist in the Chicago area since 1979, covering several genres of music, including classical, jazz, folk, and musical theater. He is currently Principal Bass of the Chicago Sinfonietta and the Joffrey Ballet Orchestra, and a member of the Grant Park Orchestra and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra. John is also the Instructor of Double Bass at Northern Illinois University. Having driven a Honda Element into the ground, he now packs his bass into a Toyota Prius.

Michael Cameron

… is a renowned performer both with ensembles and as a solo artist. He is also an arranger, publisher and writer who teaches at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He drives a Honda Element, even though he doesn’t mention it on his website.

Dan Thatcher

…is both a jazz and classical player, busy in the Chicago scene. He sometimes goes by “DJ,” so be careful you don’t confuse him with PJ. His choice in vehicle is the Subaru Forester.

Michael Hovnanian

…is a regular member of a really large and well-known orchestra in Chicago, but he has more fun with us. He drives a Toyota Camry wagon.

Petya Bagovska


Jason Heath

…is an active double bass performer, educator, blogger, and podcaster. He succeeded Jacque as the instructor of bass at The Ultimate School of Music in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood. Jason used to drive a Saturn … but never again.

Mark Sonksen


Elizabeth Zaluba

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