Chicago Bass Ensemble

The Chicago Bass Ensemble is a unique chamber music ensemble made up exclusively of double bassists. Our music is an approachable of mix of compositions written for bass ensemble and transcriptions of pieces written for other ensembles.

While not often seen as a solo instrument, the double bass is capable of a wide variety of melodic and emotional expression.

You are probably about to ask “Wait, you mean four bass players? Aren’t there any other instruments?”

Yep, four bass players. Just bass. No other instruments. It’s one of the more unusual ensembles you’ll see this year. Who are the musicians of the Chicago Bass Ensemble?


Now’s a good time to visit our blog postings about our upcoming performances. You’ll want to know where you can see us live. Who am I kidding? We haven’t done anything live and in public since well before the pandemic. And just as we were about to plan something, Omicron put the stop to that. Join our mailing list for future news about the group.

Musical Samples

You can also hear a few samples on SoundCloud.

four guys standing in a stairwell

Jeff Greene, Jacque Harper, Julian Romane, Anton Hatwich at Experimental Sound Studio, February 2012. The photographer can be seen reflected in the window.

bass sextet with marimba

The Chicago Bass Ensemble, with Matthew Coley, marimba, and Leslie B. Dunner, conductor, at the 2015 Chicago Bass Festival.

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