Audition Daily Blog 13

27 November 2015

It seems a shame to limit myself to five minutes tonight, because I feel GREAT! about my practicing today. I worked on — not just played through, but worked on — every excerpt. I took breaks to rest and eat. I got interrupted to make airline reservations. I took time to have dinner with my wife and go to a movie. And I still got through everything, and made progress on everything. It feels really satisfying.

And because I’m feeling so giddily positive, I’m going to do something no bass player–perhaps Gary Karr and Edgar Meyer excepted–should do. And it’s not because I think I’m anywhere near as good as Karr or Meyer, but just because I’m feeling reckless. Here’s a recording I just made of the Bourrées from the 3rd cello suite by Bach, just as I will play them on Sunday (without the mistakes of course):

I hope you enjoy listening to it … I enjoyed recording it. And that’s saying something. I may be successfully addressing the bête noire that pickled me at the CSO sub audition.

Also, I’ve been enjoying reading some of Doug Johnson’s tweets as he prepares for the audition:

I also feel like my sound is really improving. Playing this much really frees one up to play loose (re: muscle tension) and solid (re: good string contact etc.).

I’m hoping to have a similar day tomorrow. Looking forward to Sunday.

In case you missed them, I have blogged the last few days as well, I just didn’t aggressivley publicize all of them on Facebook, Google+ etc. (I don’t want to wear out my welcome with you good folks.)

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