Audition Daily Blog 11

25 November 2015

It’s as I feared – last night’s late bedtime screwed me today. Forgive my strong-ish language, but I’m pretty frustrated with myself right now. Although it was a short day at my day gig, other events conspired to take up some of the time freed up by the short day.

I took a nap in the afternoon, because I could feel fatigue coming on. But again, other events, and by the time I could cleanly decide to focus on practicing, it was 8:30 pm. And fatigue was returning. I did my best to get through excerpts from Salome, Rosenkavalier, Figaro and the Bach (solo piece), but by the time I tried to work on Falstaff, I could tell that I did not have enough mental energy in me to do anything but frustrate myself.

I figured that if I were to keep going, I would just get angrier and angrier with myself, and so I’ve decided to stop. This basically breaks a streak of “at least” touching each excerpt once per day. I’m sad/angry about that. But better to stop than to make things worse.

The issue this presents is of having enough willpower and determination to put other things aside and focus on the top goal. I won’t go into detail about what all the other things are, but, yes, as my mother-in-law hinted in her comment to last night’s entry, it’s about family and getting my daughter ready for an important trip.

So, family is important. I would be wrong to completely push aside my responsibilities as a parent. But I must learn how to handle and balance all my commitments. I think Mixerman would have some lesson from the guru based on today’s experience.

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And there are tons of commitments around Thanksgiving, of course. But I am going to find the right way to balance and manage those. I know that, as a base stance, my wife understands my need to practice, that this audition is important to me, and that she will support a reasonable amount of excusing myself from socializing tomorrow. So it’s going to work out.

Tomorrow’s goals/plan:

  1. warm up (stretching, scales, some bowing)
  2. solo piece – play once. Make notes of what needs attention.
  3. each and every excerpt, random order – play once. Make notes of what needs attention.
  4. Triage the damage: review notes and decide what to work on
  5. break
  6. take all of the pieces in order of “needs most work” and three or four at a time, interleave working on them.
  7. make my way through all the pieces. Or at least work until the rest of the family attempts to force feed me turkey and stuffing.


3 Responses to “Audition Daily Blog 11”

  1. Brigitte says:

    Sounds like a good plan, Jacque! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Matt says:

    You can do it. It IS all about balance, but consider how often you have put yourself behind others. It will not be easy to transition from day gig life to the lifestyle that is to come. You well know why it is that everyone doesn’t do it. Have no shame about putting yourself first these next few days. It is only temporary. From the little I know, you are a good man and often put others first. This is your moment. When the panel listens to you, you are the only bass player in the world for them. Make sure they remember that after you’ve finished.

    • Jacque Harper says:

      Thanks, bro. I think I got a little dust in my eye reading your note, they’re a little watery. Allergies or something. 😉

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