Weekly Update — 21 November 2011

It was a busy weekend between family starting to arrive for the holiday and my wife’s concerts. One of the last things on the list was writing a blog post. But among the first on the list was to get some practice time in. Along with that (yay!) here are some of the things I did accomplish during the week:

  • edited together scraps of our rehearsal on the thirteenth, so we get some sense of how things are sounding
  • began looking into how best to use Google adwords
  • exchanged e-mails with Mike Wittgraf, composer of “Autogeneous Mining,” discussing some questions about the notes and such
  • continued to track down people’s schedules to arrange a February 3 performance.

There will be plenty of distraction this week, but I’m going to:

  • arrange some additional “less than all of us” rehearsal time (there’s work to do! and not enough times when all four of us are available!)
  • work on a podcast about this experience with my friend Wilson Hogan
  • get planning on a printed announcement that I can hand out to strangers on the el.

I did hear from one of the bassists on the “Bass Playing Professionals” LinkedIn group who has expressed interest in being part of “the hive.” That’s a good thing! Even if it starts small I think it’s a great idea.

I look forward to your comments!


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