Weekly Update — 27 November 2011

This week has of course been interrupted by the Thanksgiving holiday. This has a mixed effect on my ability to prepare for Chicago Bass Ensemble activities. There’s more time that I can dedicate to CBE by virtue of two days of holiday from Cars.com. But there is added distraction: family visiting, lots of cooking and eating (thankfully, I managed to rein in my inner glutton and did NOT overdo at the Thanksgiving meal) and just the general feeling of exhaling and taking it easy for a bit.

So, I did NOT

  • get much done in the way of organizing any supplemental rehearsals
  • do anything more than have a five-minute conversation with my designer about printed handouts.


  • receive the latest score from Mike Wittgraf for the piece we’ll be premiering in February
  • get close to solid commitments for a February 3 performance at Experimental Sound Studio
  • begin a rough 4-track cut of Autogenous Mining to use as a rehearsal aid
  • spend some time listening to rehearsal recordings
  • draft an outline of a series of podcasts on the subject, loosely, of “starting a band” with my friend Wilson Hogan (hahaha, he totally needs to update his Google profile!).

And this week I will:

  • Solidify the February 3 performance, by talking with Adam at ESS and also inviting Doug Johnson to join us
  • continue to work on some supplemental rehearsals
  • get farther along on printing up handouts
  • send out an e-mail to my mailing list (the goal here is to be regular for a while, to build up some top-of-mind attention)
  • continue to reach into my network of places to promote this, specifically the parents at my daughter’s school, who tend to be pretty appreciative of this kind of thing.

Finally, I’m about to write and publish some thoughts on the subject of publicly displaying the raw and partial recording of Autogenous Mining. I hope you’ll read and comment!



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