Weekly Update–13 November 2011

Here’s a very quick recap of what’s gotten done this week:

  • Following my own advice and that of Jonathan Fields, I have reached out to the LinkedIn group “Bass Playing Professionals” to invite its members to be part of my creative hive.
  • I have the texts for the de Victoria motets that we’re working on.
  • I’ve sent everyone the score for Mike Wittgraf’s piece (for the February 5 concert). We’ll look it over tomorrow morning in our rehearsal.
  • I’ve started researching how to use Google AdWords.
Next steps:
  • Get a good rehearsal under our belts tomorrow, November 13.
  • Talk to my friend and colleague Bonnie Gibbons about using AdWords.
  • Confirm whether or not we’ll be able to premiere “Autogeneous Mining” on February 3 at Experimental Sound Studio.
That’s all for now . . . a busy weekend here!



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