Rehearsals Begin for January and February

Honestly, it is hard to overcome inertia, but I’m about to do so.

Honestly, the Chicago Bass Ensemble has been static, motionless, inert for several months. Things kind of decayed at the beginning of this year, and I didn’t do a good job of breaking through the stasis. I did get a lot of music for the group to play, when I was at the International Society of Bassists convention. And I was really pleased to hear from Ken Whitney during the summer to set up a performance at the First Presbyterian Church of Arlington Heights.

Now, I’m finally geared up to get going again. Tomorrow morning, Julian, Anton and I are getting together to go over repertoire for both our January and February performances. I’m excited!

So now I’m going to try something. One of my goals for this blog has been to shine a light onto the process of getting a performing group going. I mean to make regular entries. I haven’t been doing that, but I’m going to try again. For this week, here is my done well/needs improvement list:

Done Well

  • Pulled together a rehearsal (for tomorrow).
  • Made an entry on the Chicago Classical Music site.
  • Wrote this blog entry.
  • Left a message for my friend Wilson Hogan, with whom I am podcasting about Chicago Bass Ensemble.

Needs Improvement/To do

  • Get Wilson and me off our butts and record something for a podcast!
  • Confirm a fourth player for both the January and February events.
  • Get music from Mike Wittgraf for his piece which we’ll premiere in February.
  • Write a follow-up post to this one.

Check back next week to see how I’ve done, especially on that last bullet point! Your encouragement … or harangues … in the comments will inspire me!


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