Weekly Recap – 15 October

I promised a new blog post, and seeing how many of you are clamoring for more news, how could I disappoint you?!

From the list of things to do that I published last week:

  • I talked with Wilson and we will schedule a meeting when we see each other Monday for Who Needs Dave rehearsal. Pretty Good.
  • Not so well-done, I haven’t booked a fourth player. But I did get an e-mail sent (his voice mail inbox was full and not accepting messages). Bad.
  • Also not done, I didn’t get music from Wittgraf. Bad.
  • I have written a follow-up post. You’re reading it. Good.
One thing I got done that wasn’t on the list: publish an announcement of Chicago Classical Music for the January 15 performance. Good!
So, by this time next week:
  • Get a fourth player.
  • Get music from Mike Wittgraf.
  • Also from Wittgraf, a detailed list of what equipment will be needed here for February 5.
  • Publish another blog post detailing the exciting life of someone trying to organize a bass ensemble.
  • Do more thinking about the programs for January and February. Goal: have half of each “confirmed” in my mind.
Okay, so there really aren’t that many of you commenting on these blog posts. But the threat in my mind that someone might be is enough to motivate at least some action. How’s that for a leadership strategy?


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