Rehearsal Wrap-Up

Just got done rehearsing for two hours with Anton and Julian, literally.

Really, it was more of a reading session, since I hadn’t distributed parts beforehand. And I wanted to get a rough idea of whether some pieces would work or not for the performances in January and February. Here’s what we went through:

  • Why? by Teppo Hauta-aho. This piece is dark and distraught. It will be good to work on it.
  •  The Secret of Tao – written for us back in 2007 and premiered at MusiCircus. Thinking about reviving this rather demanding and quite contemporary piece. Written by Ilya Levinson.
  • Three Spanish Motets by Tomas Luis de Victoria, arranged by Michael Cameron. Very pleasant texture and sonority, these great motets–including O magnum mysterium–could be a very nice contrast to some of the more rough and tumble stuff. Is it some sort of musical blasphemy to describe masterworks of the renaissance era “pleasant?”
  • A Night in Compostela by Simón García – a nice piece, this will be a real crowd-pleaser. Maybe even best as an encore. However, I also think there might be a mystic element to bring out once we’re more familiar with it. This is only the first time I’ve played through it, after four-tracking just a few sections on my own.
  • Ultra-Rondo by Armand Russell – Honestly I bought this piece on the strength of my enjoyment of Russell’s Chaconne for double bass and piano. I’m not disappointed; however, this piece has more dark and challenging stuff than I expected. That’s a good thing.
  • Jan Alm‘s Kvartett för 4 kontrabasar – I love this quartet, it’s light and fun. I think it will be well-enjoyed.
I like to think that I have some interesting ideas to design the flow of a concert. I’ll continue to write about them, because I really want to be invited to speak at the cusp conference “The Design of Everything,” although I’m far from the most qualified person to speak on this subject 🙂


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