Audition Daily Blog, the sequel – part 03

A brief update tonight. I worked on audition material for the better part of 3.5 hours this afternoon. If only I could play that long, and then walk directly into an audition. I’m sure I would do much better than when I have 15 minutes in a warm-up room, and then stand around for 10 minutes waiting to go onstage. Oh well.

An interesting thought occurred to me about an hour ago. Some of the excerpts I’m working on now, as familiar as they are from practicing them for multiple auditions in the past, I have never played in an audition. That is, either I didn’t play enough (excused after just a few) or they weren’t part of the audition when I played (the two times I was successful at an audition).

So here I am thinking, “aw geez, I don’t know if I’m playing this right,” when I also have no evidence that I’m playing them wrong. This connects well with what David Murray and Andy Anderson have said – that I should play the excerpts my way as if they were solo pieces. I just need confidence to do that.

So, about confidence. I’m in the midst of considering purchasing Noa Kageyama’s Beyond Practicing course. I certainly find a lot of value in reading his blog. I think perhaps the deeper dive into his teaching would be good. It’s not cheap, although it’s not horribly expensive. I earned just about enough to pay for it playing Mahler #1 and the Beethoven Violin Concerto last week.

The other concern is “will it help in time?” The last time I was thinking about the course, it was just about two weeks before the Lyric audition, and it did not seem like the best use of my time. Right now I’m more like four, maybe five weeks out from the audition. It seems like it might be useful. And I would pay for the ‘lifetime’ version (only $20 more), so I could continue to apply it for whatever comes after this audition.

Finally I realized last night that this upcoming audition is for Principal and Assistant Principal. So even though I would hesitate to take a principal spot right now, hey, I could be assistant principal, that’d be just fine!

Okay, time to rest the hands. It’s actually been a long day!


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