You Lookin’ At Me?

… to paraphrase Travis Bickle.

It’s always fun for me to look at the statistics for this site and see the occasional view of a months- or years- old post. It makes me curious just how someone was led to or decided to look at an old post.

If you’ve done that today or recently, I’d love to have your comment about

  • how you came to the site to begin with
  • what page or post began your visit
  • how or why you chose another page or post to read.

(And if you don’t want your comment to be published, just say so in the comment itself — I am moderating all comments.)

Or send a private message using the contact form.


One Response to “You Lookin’ At Me?”

  1. Tom Payne says:

    just want to see what you’re doing. I tend to read your blogs in chunks. 🙂

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