Chicago Bass Festival – 2013

We’ll be playing at the Chicago Bass Festival on February 3, 2013. Our performance will take place at 2:00 pm.

The festival itself runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Registration information can be found at the link above, or go directly to the registration page. Registration costs $100 (save $25 if you register before January 30).*

Bennett-Gordon Hall at the Ravinia Festival grounds in Highland Park.

We’ll be playing:

What’s the theme for this concert? Ummm, mostly I guess it’s “living composers!”

“Why?” is a dark, brooding lament written in memory of Ovidiu Badila.

“Rocket Man” is one of two pieces composed by Tony Osborne during 2012, a joint commission sponsored in part by the Chicago Bass Ensemble. No, it’s not about David Bowie or Werner von Braun, its accelerating rhythms are in honor of Robert Stephenson, an engineer who designed the “Rocket” steam locomotive. According to the publisher, this is the premiere performance of this work.

It wasn’t until doing research for this post that I learned of the passing of Joel DiBartolo, longtime Tonight Show bassist, who made many arrangements for bass ensembles. Two we’ll perform are fugues from Book Two of J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, nos. 5 and 9. If you’ll tolerate a bit of irony, this dead composer and dead arranger are the exception on this program. Of course, we’re honored by the contributions of both to our musical world.

Likely to follow “Why?” in the program, “Lullaby” is a sweet, simple little lullaby. It will be a nice tonic to the much darker piece. Ramsier has written a lot of music for the double bass, including pieces performed often by Gary Karr. Here’s an interview as part of the Contrabass Conversations series. “Lullaby” is available as a piece for bass and piano, as well as a version for bass and orchestra, but I’m told that the original conception is for bass quartet.

Once upon a time published by Discordia Music, “Wildebeests and Warthogs” is snappy, challenging and fun. The notes refer to an in-joke in the composer’s family. Dan has previously been a clinician at the Chicago Bass Festival.


* If you’re a fan of ours, and really can’t make it to our March 10 concert, talk to me, maybe I can get you a pass to the festival.

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