Weekly Update for January 22, 2012

Well, now that the January 15 concert is under our belts, I can relax … a bit …

There is still preparation to be done for our performances at the Experimental Sound Studio and the Chicago Bass Festival.


  • Scheduled a couple of rehearsals to work on Autogenous Mining.
  • Provided a more or less complete equipment requirements list to ESS, and
  • a slightly less complete list to the Bass Festival.
  • I’ve been working on my part … getting the locations of all those harmonics drilled into my fingers!
  • Sent an e-mail to my “bass players” list, working on setting up a reading session in March.
To do:
  • an e-mail to the mailing list, last reminder for the upcoming concerts, and a wrap-up of January 15.
  • Secure locations for the two rehearsals mentioned above.
  • Create some program/handout material for both upcoming concerts.
  • Keep working on my part for Autogenous Mining, see “drilled fingers,” above.
  • Remember to shut down my adwords campaign after the concerts!


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