Experimental Sound Studio: Check!

A very quick post, late Friday (really by now it’s early Saturday). Just got in from playing our concert at Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio. I am so pleased to say it went very well: a full house of appreciative listeners, a variety of performances from not only my colleagues in the Chicago Bass Ensemble but also Jeff Greene, Douglas Johnson and my good friend Mike Wittgraf and excellent hosting and concert-series-running from Lou Mallozzi and Alex Inglizian at the Experimental Sound Studio.

As the guy who’s been sending e-mails, scheduling rehearsals, attending rehearsals, practicing and generally worrying about as many details as I could handle for this whole thing, I’m super happy that it went so well tonight.

There’s a lot to say about how this was as an organizer — all the ‘-ing’ words in the previous sentence, what kind of plans I made, efforts in social media and in advertising, what plans I actually carried out, how much I spent (money and effort). But it’s late at night now, and I need to keep in shape for the climax of this several months work, our performance at the Chicago Bass Festival.

I also have to work out how I got two entire bars ahead in Ultra-Rondo tonight, and how I’m going to prevent that from happening on Sunday!

Cheers, everyone! Thanks to those of you who attended, and see you Sunday to everyone else!

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