Audition Daily Blog, The Return – part 7a

1 September 2016

Okay, it’s been a good couple of days. I actually feel like things are hitting a groove. I really don’t know if the way I’m playing right now is audition-winning, but it is the best I’ve been playing all year … really for eighteen months or more, since I started working towards last year’s Lyric Opera orchestra audition. I actually feel pretty good.

Thinking about that link to the first “Audition Daily Blog,” I haven’t been blogging as much as I did during those last few weeks. But I remember that that daily ritual, limited to about 10 minutes, also felt pretty good. It was a chance to sum up the day, the current mood, whatever.

So, since there are now only five days remaining until the audition in Elgin on 6 September, I will resume the truly daily blog, 10 minutes. This is basically the sprint, folks. Will this be my Gwen Jorgensen moment? (I happened to watch the last parts of the women’s triathlon–I was transfixed, and so happy for her when she won.)

I had some other thoughts, about

  • having time to practice now that I’m unemployed (hopefully just temporarily)
  • working on meditation techniques to improve my concentration (for instance, Shinzen Young’s Five Classic Meditations)
  • how to prepare for a morning audition when you have to drive an hour to get there (ugh!)

but for now, back to the practicing. Adding “a” to the numbering of today’s entry, because I already feel like I want to make another entry later today.

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2 Responses to “Audition Daily Blog, The Return – part 7a”

  1. Jacque Harper says:

    Oh! Just listening to the recording I made of the Prelude to the first Bach ‘cello suite this morning (it’s the required piece for the audition). Well, it doesn’t really sparkle . . . there’s still work to be done. Nothing like a reality check, right?!

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