On a Good Day

If you’re one of the three people who read this blog, you know that I don’t often blog about personal issues or events, or really anything personal. The original point of blogging was to create a fairly rich store of bass ensemble related content for its SEO value. But tonight is different.

I have had a good day, such a good day that I thought I should take a moment to capture it, and even to share it with “the world” – yes all three of you 🙂

(I looked at my sister-in-law’s website, The BOP Collective, and specifically her post about “playing Sherlock to your past” to make your own brand stand out. Today isn’t exactly a day that reveals everything about my past in true Holmes/Conan-Doyle style, but there are glimmers of the many things I love that showed up today.)

In chronological order:

  • I gave a presentation on agile development processes to my colleagues at work today. Those of you who know me will remember that I’m pretty enthusiastic about making life better for development teams, and in general for people who are trying to get things done. (Those of you who don’t know me, my profile on LinkedIn should give some clues.) My presentation, given in a low-key and off-the-cuff style, with a collection of slides that were really just notes to speak from, was really well-received. And so it looks like the work I’m currently doing will include an opportunity to do some agile coaching. That’s a good thing! I love doing that.
  • A new project came to my desk in the late afternoon, with potential for some easy wins in improving the conversion of a web form collecting sign-ups. I won’t go into details. On the way home, I was kind of dancing in my head about the conversations we will be able to have on this project, weighing the approaches and cost/benefit relationship of various choices in the interaction design of these pages. Sound like greek to you? Don’t worry about it — my point here isn’t to fully explain it, the important thing is that it made me really enjoy that part of my day.
  • I got home, my wife had made dinner & it was nearly waiting on the table. In addition to being delicious, this meant that I didn’t have to race away from the table just to get to Chicago Bass Ensemble rehearsal. I enjoyed sitting with my family for dinner. Did I mention it was delicious?
  • And because it’s colder than … well, what I really want to say I won’t–it’s a just-slightly off-color thing my friend Mark McCarron-Fraser told me when I left California to go to school in Minnesota … because it’s colder than what that phrase says, my wife also gave me a ride to rehearsal. Sweet! These last two items made me feel very appreciated and supported. Oh! and then she picked me up when rehearsal was done.
  • Rehearsal went really well. Honestly, our playing is not perfect — there is plenty of room for improvement, I’ll admit it. But all the guys (Doug, Julian, Josh) are enthusiastic and enjoying working together. Criticism seems to be delivered and received in a good spirit, and while it won’t be perfect, our presentation on Saturday will be reasonable. Overall, that makes me feel good.
  • And I learned that there will be openings in the bass section of the Lyric Opera of Chicago’s orchestra next year. Such a long shot for me . . . but it’s not the worst goal in the world to shoot for. My optimistic self is saying “work your ass off getting ready for music camp, and after that, keep working for an audition at Lyric, and you’re gonna make great music in 2015.”

And all that has added up to me feeling great at the end of the day today. Thanks for reading and for letting me share that feeling with you. I hope you’ll have a few great days in the near future, too.

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