Timing, Revised

So, I admit that I’m not as prepared for our performance this weekend as I would like to be. The relatively late change in personnel–which I haven’t blogged about–definitely threw me for a loop. As evidence, I cite my previous post, Timing.
I didn’t really think through all the possibilities for program order. There’s one order that occurred to me earlier today that actually seems really good:

  • Quartet (by Joseph Lauber), two of four movements,
  • Livre (by ‘cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, arrangement for four basses by Jacque Harper),
  • Double Bass Quartet 1987 (by David Anderson), five movements.

in the 2:00 pm slot, saving

  • Dream Time (by Tony Osborne)

for the end-of-day performance.

This gives a nice arc and an exciting finish to the 2:00 session, and leaves a showy piece for the end-of-day.

I definitely like to make decisions like this in collaboration with the rest of the group, so we’ll discuss it at tonight’s rehearsal. But I’m glad that I came up with this order. It feels much better thought-out than playing the Lauber incomplete at the finale.

The other task I haven’t done for this concert is to send a message to the mailing list. But to atone for that, I HAVE made entries in the Daily Dose of Double Bass Calendar for both the UW-W and Chicago Bass Festivals. So that’s something, anyway!

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