Thinking of Touring

After our successful premiere of Rural Sketches, marimbist Matt Coley and I have been kicking around the idea of taking the piece on tour to some colleges in Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota, at the end of October and early November 2014.

What an exciting idea!

Of course, when I have thought about taking the Chicago Bass Ensemble on tour, I have thought way too big, imagining all sorts of cool, intimate concerts in old chapels throughout the south of France. It’s probably much more realistic to get several of us into a van and drive around the midwest. There is the added challenge of doing this with six basses and marimba (I usually think of no marimba and only four basses), but what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained.

If it works out, there would be performances at the University of NE Omaha, Iowa State University, Carleton College … and a few more that we have yet to think of. We would also record the piece while we’re out there. (Apologies to those of you who live in Iowa and Nebraska and Minnesota — I am writing from the current center of my world, Chicago, and EVERYwhere else is “out there.”) A kickstarter campaign might help fund the recording.

There’s nothing concrete to report on this, inquiries have just begun. It would be premature to say any more than I have already.

I would love to hear from you that you’re excited about this the way I am!! Leave a comment, or better yet, put me in touch with the music department at your favorite Nebraska-Iowa-Minnesota college or university!

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  1. Igor says:

    Thank you Chicago Bass Ensemble and Matthew Coley for being so professional with and enthusiastic about my music! I wish to attend your concert one day. Best of luck with your touring plans.

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