March 31, 2014, Chicago Cultural Center

Monday March 31, 2014
12:15 pm
Chicago Cultural Center

We will be premiering Rural Sketches for Marimba and Six Double Basses, newly written (the laser toner is still warm!) by composer Igor Iachimciuc.

We are the guests of percussionist Matthew Coley on the Cultural Center’s Classical Monday seriesRural Sketches will be second on the program.

The Chicago Cultural Center lists this on their Classical Mondays page, but doesn’t give much detail. The link from that page goes to Matt’s schedule, but he’s such a busy guy, he doesn’t have time to write much there.

For this concert:

Conducted by Leslie B. Dunner

Rural Sketches by Igor Iachimciuc consists of ten movements:

  1. Morning
  2. “Tsurca” game
  3. Bycicle in the field
  4. The flock
  5. Forgotten well
  6. The story of the old man
  7. The dialogue at the gate
  8. Harvest
  9. Lullaby
  10. Wedding pass

Matthew Coley will also be performing a number of pieces for solo marimba, I believe. The noontime concerts at the Cultural Center usually last just short of an hour. Perfect lunch diversion for those of you who work downtown.

As always, this page will get updated as details emerge!

March 1, 2014: we had our first rehearsal last night. Working on a brand new piece is always a challenge, and this one is no exception. But getting together with one’s colleagues is a great way to find out what will be hard and what only looks hard. Our rehearsal last night revealed that a lot of this only looks hard. And it promises to be fun to play!

March 10, 2014: the score is finished, ten movements in all. More rehearsals this weekend.

March 23, 2014: added Leslie B. Dunner as conductor.

March 31, 2014, (early morning): clarified links to Chicago Cultural Center, noted that we’re second on the program.

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14 Responses to “March 31, 2014, Chicago Cultural Center”

  1. Gordon Harper says:

    Will this be available – streaming – or by some other method after the performance for West Coast listeners?

  2. Jacque Harper says:

    Here in Chicago, we sometimes call ourselves the “third coast.” I guess that means California is the “second coast?” I’ll look into means of transmitting the event there!

    • Jacque Harper says:

      I learned earlier today that the Cultural Center will be recording the performance. So as long as Matthew doesn’t have any objection, we’ll try and get you left-coasters a copy to listen to!


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  6. Brigitte Desouches says:

    Best wishes to you all for this third coast performance looking already so appealing and beautiful, just by its description.
    From a second coaster, Chicago Bass Ensemble fan, sorry to miss it,

    Definitely interested if any way to hear it, other than being there 🙂

  7. Justin Morgan says:

    Greetings from Salt Lake City. Igor is putting together a bass ensemble here in Utah to perform this piece next month. Thank you for your blog posts about the process–we haven’t rehearsed it yet, but the music looks just as intimidating as you mentioned.

    I’m curious though if you have recorded any rehearsals or intend to record the performance, and would that be available for study as we’re trying to wrap our heads around it? I look forward to hearing from you and much luck at your concert!

    Best Regards,
    Justin Morgan

    • Jacque Harper says:

      Hi Justin! The premier — this coming Monday — will be recorded. We’ll certainly get you a copy. And we’ll try to wear Igor down on some of the notation things that could be easier for reading 🙂

      I would also say, don’t delay in getting started on learning the parts! There aren’t any that are “easy” all the way through.

      Thanks for your comments and good wishes!

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  9. Bill says:

    Jake, Where in the Cultural Center? There’s something else listed for Preston Bradley Hall. I was planning on attending…

    • Jacque Harper says:

      Wilbur, it is in fact in Preston Bradley Hall. We are the guests of Matthew Coley, Marimba. The program starts at 12:15; Rural Sketches will be second on the program.

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