Quick Post-Rehearsal Note

Had a great time over the last 4 hours rehearsing Rural Sketches one more time with five of the six bassists for Monday. Leslie B. Dunner (won’t tell me what the “B” is for, leave a comment if you know) is doing a fantastic job helping us with the piece. I’m so indebted to him for agreeing to do this.

Also, I wrote a post describing the stages of preparing for a premiere. I challenged my friends Fifth House Ensemble and fellow bassist Matt Erion to tell me if they felt the same way.  Fifth House tweeted “hmmm….a lot of that sounds familiar. Love the insight! Thanks for sharing!” and Matt tweeted “You put a much more optimistic bent on these issues than I do. Something to consider for myself.” Those comments feel good: I now know that I’m not the only person who gets nervous about a premiere!

Anyway, our premiere of Igor Iachimciuc’s piece, of which we are co-commissioner, is on Monday. 12:15 at the Cultural Center in Chicago. After tonight’s rehearsal, I can’t wait!

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