The Master’s Old Clothes

Oof, it’s been way too long since I put on my white tie and tails.

“Really?” you ask “isn’t wearing fancy dress like that just a throwback to the old days when the servants wore the old-fashioned clothes that the masters had discarded when they moved on to more modern styles?”

Well, yeah, maybe that is the case. But I have to admit that I get a kick out of dressing up once in a while.

Today (and tomorrow) it happens to be for concerts of the Chicago Sinfonietta, taking place at the Harris Theater downtown Chicago and at Wentz Hall in Naperville.

  • Mozart, Overture to Il Seraglio
  • Shaheem, Oud Concerto in C minor
  • Dawson, Negro Folk Symphony

And yes, the tailcoat, pants, shirt, bow tie . . . they still fit. I’ll check on the shoes later.

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