Update for the last week of 2011

Well, we are coming down to the wire now: as I write this, there are just two short weeks–and not very many rehearsals–until our performance at First Presbyterian Church in Arlington Heights. Our program is now final, although I’m going to allow myself a day or two to make final tweaks to the order. Here it is, just at the moment:

  • de Victoria (Cameron) Three Spanish Motets
    • O quam gloriosum est est regnum
    • O magnum mysterium
  • Jan Alm Quartet #1
  • Hadyn (Hatwich) Adagio
  • Purcell (Stoll) Air and Dance


  • de Victoria (Cameron) O vos omnes
  • Russell Ultra-Rondo [U.S. Premiere]
  • Simón García A Night in Compostela [U.S. Premiere]
Other stuff I got done since my last update:
  • Exchanged some e-mails with the organizers of the Chicago Bass Festival, getting some details worked out.
  • Got my designer to create a printed piece I can hand out
  • (spent some of the holiday season with family in California)
In the coming week, in addition to just practicing as much as I can, I will:
  • Get the print piece printed
  • Get a photo taken…something! that I can use for the ESS announcement
  • Finalize the program order and get it to Ken at First Presbyterian
  • Schedule rehearsals for Autogenous Mining
  • attempt to write some program notes?!
  • start to work on organizing a music reading session in March or April
I hope to see you on the 15th!


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