Weekly Update — 13 December 2011

A few good things done this week … a few left undone.


  • Sent a reminder to the mailing list. Respecting my subscribers desire for lightweight inboxes, I’ll only have one more opportunity to send to the list before our January 15 performance.
  • Set up a Google AdWords account and campaign. Have you ever done this? Advice? It’s pretty fun to imagine that my ad is appearing on Google SERPs. Hey, if you see it, don’t click! It’ll cost me money and you already know about us.
  • Got our rehearsal schedule firmed up, and arranged my holiday travel around it. It worked out *phew*.
  • Had a good exchange of ideas with bassist and music thinker Steve Lawson on a subject similar to my “Opening the Kimono” post. Didn’t go far enough, and I hope it wasn’t because I was being pushy, but I got a lot from Steve’s response to my initial question.

Yet to do:

  • Work out details (schedule and amplification) with the organizers of the Chicago Bass Festival.
  • Work out further rehearsal time for Autogenous Mining, some time in January.
  • Create a printed piece to hand out (I can do this now that the Experimental Sound Studio performance is confirmed).
  • Follow up with the marketing guy at ESS.

And more than anything else right now, I need to practice, practice, practice! The notes are largely there now, but playing everything consistently and expressively comes only with a lot of repetition so that it’s all fluid.


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