Weekly Recap–6 November

Another week has come to a close (or is it a beginning?) and I will take just a few moments to recap what I have done this week.

  • I’m happy to report that we had a good rehearsal this morning! Spent time on Armand Russell’s Ultra-Rondo, three motets by da Victoria, and Simón García’s A Night in Compostela.
  • Got an e-mail out to the mailing list*, promoting the January and February concerts, this blog and my twitter handle.
  • Came across an interesting post from Allegra Montanari on concert dress and presentation at Chicago Classical Music. I added my thoughts, and will probably post more on the subject myself.
  • I’ve updated my personal running list of repertoire for the concerts. Not complete yet, but working toward it.
  • I’ve also exchanged e-mails with Experimental Sound Studio about scheduling a performance for Autogeneous Mining.
  • Got samples of our work up on SoundCloud, providing a way for everyone to hear our demo without my having to send CDs in the mail.

If you compare this to last week’s list, I think I’ve done okay. There is still plenty of detail work to do, but I am on track and making progress. What’s to do next?

  • Analysis of the da Victoria Motets–how will we make these really sound good?
  • Continue to work on the “added” performance: check schedules etc.
  • Start some work on printed advertisements for the performances. I’m pretty confident at this point that e-mail and twitter alone are not enough!

* If you’re not on our mailing list, please sign up here.


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