ISB Convention, June 10, 2011

Wow, today was just such a full day, I had no time to tweet, it is so late now that I will do no more than one sentence on each session I attended today.

Chamber Music Panel Discussion Handout will be useful. Who was that Aussie in the audience who decided that HE was the subject of the event?

The K-Bow From the developer of Zeta instruments, a sophisticated sensor/controller built in to a bow. Very, very cool.

Bad Boyz of Bass Diana Gannet as guest good girl. Someday, Chicago Bass Ensemble has to have a rumble with these guys.

Double Bass in China Part of a day that felt as if I crossed borders at every turn, a short talk in Chinese and musical examples from different regions for bass and piano.

Stephen Tramontozzi almost recognized me, but couldn’t bring my name to mind. In fairness, it’s been about 14 years. Surprise appearance by basso Andrea Silvestrelli.

Viennese Classical Bass Wouldn’t have considered this, but met Bret in the hallway, and I understood the subject, I decided to go.

Thierry Barbé Great playing, cool tailpiece. Creative music stand, and let me say that I really appreciate the players who make efforts to keep the music stand out of the sightlines on stage.

Gary Karr and Friends OMG, 11 bassists with nearly the same posture and hand position–and Gary’s tone penetrates past all of them. Several encores–some comic–by an energetic Gary Karr. Great look on Harmon Lewis’ face when HE is surprised with the newly-created ISB Musical Collaborator award.

Good night!

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