ISB Convention June 9, 2011

Today was the day when choices had to be made. For instance, I chose the Robin Worn ensemble over the audio workshop. For me, that probably was a good choice–but if there were any good resources discussed at the audio workshop, please let me know. I was glad I got to hear mvt 1 of the Schuller quartet, although to be honest the rest of the program I didn’t find so appealing.

There were several other times today when I had to miss something in favor of something else that was just enough more interesting… a wealth of opportunity here.

Volkan Orhon’s recital was very well done. I have his album Multiplicity and enjoy it very much; it was a treat to hear him perform live. He’s also someone I’ve enjoyed talking with. As a treat for him, he was performing the work of a Turkish composer for the first time. Oh, and happy birthday, Volkan!

Other events I attended today:

  • Barry Greene’s Green Man Group
  • Catalin Rotaru
  • Brian Bromberg
  • Argentinian Rhythms
  • Bert Turetzky
  • Composition Contest Winners

I seem to be the only one tweeting. At least, the only one using #ISBconv2011 as a hashtag. It sure is lonely being social, or am I missing something about the online behavior of bass players? I mean, there ARE teenagers here!

Oh well, I’m still doing plenty of connecting in person, with both old friends and new!

Well, that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow is a big night: Gary Karr will be here. Can’t wait!

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