ISB Convention, Tuesday June 7

Things are definitely underway on “day two.” I had only a few conflicts–but don’t worry, tomorrow almost every hour offers more things than I can possibly see. I will have to make some tough choices.
Today, after checking out the massed rehearsal for the young bassists program…

…and looking at and playing some of the basses in the maker’s competition, I had lunch downtown with old pals Steven Auerbach, Mickey McPhillips and Jeff Raby.
After lunch, presentations by Hans Sturm and John Schimek, and performances by Pat Klobas and Barre Philips. The evening performance featured Fausto Borem and a really really great set from John Clayton with his son Gerald. Truly great stuff.
For me, the most important takeaway of today was from Hans Sturm’s presentation on François Rabbath’s left hand technique: “try everything [technique]. Decide later.” You have permission to experiment. Do not get stuck on a particular technique.
I also spent some time talking with Chuck Israels, and I’m looking forward to hearing him demonstrate the maker’s competition basses tomorrow morning.
By the way, in the maker’s competition, one maker did receive a hold medal, and it being his third, he is now a master bass-maker according to the International Society of Bassists. Awesome.

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