ISB Convention, Monday June 6

Just heard a fantastic opening program from winners of the Solo and Jazz competitions in 2009. I’m very excited…so excited that I might have to go back to Chicago right away and practice.
Okay, I’m kidding about that. I’m staying to get more inspiration in the days to come.
I’m also really pleased to have run into old friends Randy Keith, Pat McCarthy and Steve Reinfranck. I shook Volkan Orhan’s hand after thinking he was George Amorim. And spent time with new friends Robin (from Denver), Tina (Portland), Dennis and … unh … (dang, I was doing pretty well at remembering names until that last one!) Anyway, they’re both from Rhode Island.
Speaking of “from”: we’ve got attendees from China, Korea, South Africa and Australia, as well as the “usual suspects” of the U.S., Europe and Eastern Europe. I asked at the registration desk, and the person there thought there might be 1,500 registrants. Impressive! and I’ll try to confirm that number tomorrow.
Nicholas Schwartz said something to the effect that if you’re a bass player, wherever you go you have friends. I’ve only been here a few hours, but I’m already basking in that glow.
I’ve done a few tweets (#ISBconv2011), but I’m finding it’s more fun to be social with the people who are physically here than with the ones that I only imagine are following my tweets 🙂 Nonetheless, with short sessions throughout the day tomorrow, I will have more opportunity.

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