Progress and Plans

A very quick update on the progress I’m making towards the goal of recording Seth Boustead‘s Sawtooth Hammer and Doug Johnson‘s The Open Sea before the end of November.

  • We’ve got some tentative dates for rehearsals scheduled.
  • I’ve traded messages with recordist Hudson Fair of Atelier Hudsonic, to check his interest in assisting.
  • I’ve been constantly practicing the tricky bits.
    • Sawtooth Hammer in particular has some blazingly fast poly-tonal runs that need to be clean, clean, clean.
    • I’m playing the low part on The Open Sea, and really clean articulation and rhythmic accuracy are demanded.

On the “Plans for 2011” front, I’m working on or thinking about the following:

Got any ideas for us you’d like to suggest? Leave a note in the comments!


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