Begging for Comments

I know that you must be breathlessly awaiting to know the results of last week’s plea for comments.

No, of course you’re not. It’s easy enough to see that there were only two, and if you know much at all about the group, you’ll see that both come from current members of the group. Thank you to John Floeter and Doug Johnson!!

Why worry about comments? Why blog at all? The answer is in three letters: SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like content. A great discussion about bass playing, or a recent performance, or some musical repertoire is an addition of great content to the site.

It’s much more valuable as content than the spam comments that regularly cross my inbox!

So now, an update on the goal stated last week: two well-played and well-recorded tracks before December.

  • We’ve got a tentative rehearsal schedule,
  • which will be updated when Michael Hovnanian confirms some things in his own schedule.
  • We will record two pieces, presuming for the moment that the composers have no objection:
    • Sawtooth Hammer by Seth Boustead, and
    • The Open Sea by Doug Johnson.
  • I had a dream that I was talking to my favorite recording engineer when my iPhone went dead. But actually, I have already left him a message in non-dream-land.

It’s not huge, but it is progress. Stay tuned . . . both of you.

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