100 Days Day 9 or is it Day 17

Well, that stinks!

I actually missed more than a week of this project, just because other things (“LIFE”) got in the way. I’m pushing myself past my self-disappointment to get this posted tonight.

Follow this link to bars 33 to 42 of the piece. Worked on bar 33 today. Happy to say that the measures that I’ve been working on up to this point actually flowed pretty well. I think that is a testament to this very odd, very focused way of learning and practicing. I don’t know if this is really a successful and smart way to work; but that is the point of trying it out, to decide if it is beneficial.


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  1. Jacque Harper says:

    Oh by the way, the link to the SoundCloud playlist of each days’ recording is https://soundcloud.com/jacque-harper/sets/100-days-of-bass-whimsical

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