Bassists and Their Cars

Bassists often and rightfully bemoan the requirement, imposed upon them by their instrument of choice, that they own a big car. And that they can’t share rides with anyone.

This post is here to show ya that you don’t necessarily have to drive a giant SUV if you’re a bassist. (And to prove a point made in an earlier post about a bassist searching for a car to buy.)

Here, you see Julian Romane and I on our way to Whitewater, Wisconsin, in his Honda Fit with both basses in back. You can see the headstock of my bass (in its case) between us.


And the other night Neal Rodack needed a ride to our rehearsal, so his bass (on the right) and mine rode in the back of my Mazda2.


It can be done! But we’re still glad to get the cartage pay on those union contracts — not complainin’ about that.

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  1. Jacque Harper says:

    Here’s a link a friend sent me, showing SF Symphony Principal Bassist Scott Pingel and his Tesla:

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