Make Music Chicago – June 21

UPDATE June 1, 2012

We’ve had to withdraw from the Make Music Chicago event. It’s only 20 days away and we have hardly any opportunities to rehearse. What’s more, we still haven’t been assigned a time and place by the organizers, so those of us who are trying to manage other commitments have been keeping things “on hold,” and we just can’t wait any longer.

I hope that circumstances will line up more favorably next year.

We’ve placed ourselves on the list of performers for Make Music Chicago, a “24-hour musical holiday for all ages and genres celebrated by over 110 countries and 460 cities around the world.”

The event is presented locally by Rush Hour Concerts. Performances take place at a variety of sites around the city.

As I’m posting this on April 26, I haven’t chosen repertoire yet, but there are a couple of pieces that I hope will be ready in time: Harrison’s Clocks and Rocket Man, both composed by Tony Osborne, under commission from a big group of bassists and Tony Osborne fans, among which I and the Chicago Bass Ensemble number.

So as before, I’ll update this post as more details become available (time, location, music). If you want to be on our mailing list, to which I occasionally send announcements, sign up for our mailing list!

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