Weekly Recap-October 22

Having discovered a short while ago that I can post to this blog from my iPhone, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to blog while I wait for someone to come jump start my car. Why oh why do I still have this car?
No matter. I’m making the best use of this time as I can, even if I’m not practicing.
This week:
– talked with Mike Wittgraf and got some details about his piece and the equipment we’ll need to perform it.
– continued to try to work out a regular rehearsal schedule…tougher than I anticipated!
Next week:
– continue to draft the final program & order (not done this week as I promised).
– schedule and get commitment for rehearsals.
– send a message to the mailing list–to build awareness and excitement.
As always, your copious outpouring of comments, advice, suggestions and encouragement is much appreciated
Srsly, do say hello in the comments. It would be fun to hear from you.

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