Oh Dear, Hacked!

Sigh, I’ve just spent the last two hours working to remove malicious database entries from the WordPress install that runs this site. I came across a Google SERP for my site that suggested that I was a source for a pharmaceutical of some sort:

Of course, this is NOT what the Chicago Bass Ensemble provides. We are a musical group, performing chamber music for double basses. In our repertoire, we have a mix of styles from the renaissance, classical and contemporary (not so much from the late romantic period). But we’re open to anything that works well for us.

We don’t do pharmaceuticals. In removing the malicious stuff from the site, I got a lot of help from Pearsonified.com. Thank you!

I intended to write Chris Pearson a comment on his blog thanking him for sharing his knowledge, but there are so many comments already, I think I would be adding more noise than signal. So I’m thanking him here!

I always appreciate comments on THIS site, so if you happen to have noticed that we’re hacked again, please say so!

3 Responses to “Oh Dear, Hacked!”

  1. Jacque says:

    About 15 hours later, page titles on Google SERP are still showing hacked (“site:chicagobassensemble.com” go to page 3 of results). Hopefully it’s just waiting for indexing. Otherwise I’m not sure if I’ve fixed the problem.

  2. Jacque says:

    Looks like I’ve cleaned it up . . . there are only about a half-dozen posts that are still showing up in Google search results with hacked titles and content. All of those are from crawls that took place before August 8. So I just need to get those pages re-indexed, and then I think I can close this little chapter.

    • JacqueHarper says:

      Ah, but sadly, it looks like I didn’t completely root out the problem. Some recently-crawled pages are showing symptoms again. I spent about an hour last night trying to close the backdoors, but I’m not sure whether I got them or not.

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