Recording Update, November 29

Here’s an update of our progress toward recording Sawtooth Hammer and The Open Sea.

For our last three rehearsals, we’ve been diligent about recording takes of each piece, and then using the time between rehearsals to listen, analyze and improve our performances. In last night’s rehearsal, we listened to each recording we made, during the rehearsal. What a great tool for finding, discussing and fixing problems.

We made great progress last night. But the four of us agreed that we weren’t quite ready to lay these tracks down in a permanent way yet. There are still some rough edges, and some places where the tempi sag just a bit.

We are also learning a bit more about each piece as we work in this focused way. For instance, even though we’ve been performing Sawtooth Hammer for some time (two years?) we are still uncovering what drives it motivically. I’m also giving thought to how these pieces should be placed in the stereo field.

Next steps? Find a new date for recording–I’m still hopeful to finish this before the end of the year. And practice, practice, practice!

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2 Responses to “Recording Update, November 29”

  1. I’m so happy you guys are recording Sawtooth! Can’t wait to hear it and Doug’s wonderful the Open Sea too. Good luck!

  2. Although I’ve only managed to take in a couple of CBE performances, Sawtooth Hammer remains one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen performed on a bunch of giant string instruments. What can I say — I like rock-n-roll songs that build to a fury and (sometimes even) end with a smashed (or burning) guitar. So it seems only natural that I’d be drawn to Sawtooth.

    Props to Jacque Harper for turning me on to something new.

    Good luck with the “album.”

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