ARC Gallery, June 25, 2010

June 25, we performed at the exhibition opening of artist Cheri Reif Naselli.

Cheri Reif Naselli in foreground, Chicago Bass Ensemble in the background

Cheri Reif Naselli and the Chicago Bass Ensemble at ARC Gallery

ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation
832 W. Superior St. #204
Chicago, IL 60622
Phone: 312.733.2787

Cheri Reif Naselli’s work “investigates the reality below the surface” and for the opening of the exhibit, we will explore how the presence or absence of sound, particularly music, affects your perception of the visual artwork on display. By alternating performances of some of our repertoire with silence–i.e. not music, since a gallery opening is likely to be filled with human conversation–the attendees (that’s you) can gauge how their experiences of the works differ in the presence of music vs. silence.

The Chicago Bass Ensemble, Jacque introducing the next piece

Introducing the next piece


  • Arboreal Muscle by Lou Mallozi
  • The Open Sea by Doug Johnson
  • Quartet 1987 by David Anderson
  • Quartet for Double Basses by Joseph Lauber
  • Rise by Bjorn Berkhout
  • Enambered by Michael G. Miller

postcard image for the exhibit "Beneath" at ARC Gallery

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audience members are sitting on the floor near the musicians

Audience members seated to watch the group

photos: Kina Bagovska

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