Audition Daily Blog, the sequel – part 09

Tuesday, March 1

I fully expected to be exhausted and frustrated after practicing tonight. Luckily, I was wrong. I decided to just run through a bunch of the excerpts–no draining and debilitating grind-it-in rehearsing of every other note. It was a pretty refreshing approach. Without actually counting, I think I might have gotten through more than half of the excerpts. And you know, some of it sounded just fine!

Wednesday, March 2

Second day of comfortable-feeling practice. Finished running through the excerpts that I didn’t get to last night. Played the concerto and solo Bach. Not perfect, but feeling comfortable and good. Wow. Wasn’t expecting that.

Unrelated Question

What on earth causes this site to get 25 views today … and approximately every two weeks?? Normal traffic is maybe 4 or 5 views. And they’re not all views of the latest post. Curious.

Thursday “Is It Thursday Already,” March 3

Third day of positive vibes after practicing. Played through 12 of the 24 excerpts and solo pieces.

Second day in a row of >20 page views on the site. Discovered  a site that tests the responsive capability of one’s site which has visited the site today. It generates 8 views at a time doing so. Perhaps that’s a culprit.

Other News

Butler University’s “BassCamp2016” will be held June 12-17. Indianapolis, IN.



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