Audition Daily Blog, the sequel – part 10

Saturday, March 5

Ugh, this is bad.

  • Stayed up too late last night. Now I’m out of my rhythm.
  • Wife is sleeping in this morning, so I can’t practice yet.
  • Just noticed that I have been telling people the wrong time of my audition (at least I noticed that today, and not Wednesday morning. (For the record, I play sometime between 11:00 am and noon, on March 9.)
  • Was re-reading an email about where to park for the audition and started to get butterflies in my stomach. THAT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN WHEN YOU SIMPLY READ ABOUT THE AUDITION!!

I’m going to get underway in a few minutes here – practicing, I mean. I will get settled down, it will be okay. It will be okay. It will be okay. I’ve been making really good progress. This is just because I’m over-tired. It will be okay. I’ll practice a little, do the things I need to do, take a nap later, practice some more . . . it will be okay.


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