Audition Daily Blog, the sequel – part 08

Tuesday, February 23

Well, almost. There are 24 excerpts and solos required for the Grant Park audition. In three days, from February 20 to today, I have managed to play through, with some rehearsing, examining, practicing, all of them save the last half of the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

(I can only dimly imagine that they would ask for ALL of the fourth movement, even in a final round, but that is how it appears on the list: “fourth movement.”)

Hopefully I can now start getting through all of the excerpts in two days, and working on some of the different techniques that I have mentioned elsewhere in the blog–stuff I’ve learned from the Bulletproof Musician.

Thursday, February 24

Sometimes these evening practice sessions are less like practicing and more like just discovering what I should be practicing, if I only had more time.

Saturday, February 27

But who's counting, right? Right.

But who’s counting, right? Right.

A pox upon thee, accursed old fingerings! How can I have ever believed that thee were correct? Thy presence is a scourge upon my parts and a blot upon the earth.

And by the way, that optimistic sentiment from February 23 “[get] through all of the excerpts in two days” — Hah!

Today’s score: played through, with some work on, 15 of the 24 excerpts and solo pieces. That’s not terrible, but not what I had hoped. Moreover, the last five or six I was just hacking my way through, not really doing good focussed work. This is even after I took a good break mid-day to have a walk with my family (which was nice).

Mood: sad panda. Maybe even grumpy panda.

And a note, in case you’re paying attention – I am not making an entry every day. So don’t worry that I have cheated myself by not practicing on February 25 and 26. I did what I could on those days. I just didn’t write about it.


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