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Proto Recording on MySpace

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Just discovered this partial recording of the Proto Quartet on MySpace. The group is called “Bass Pride 4tet” and is from Macere, Lazio, Italy.

There are three soundfiles of the Proto, they seem to correspond to two large sections of the first movement and one from the second movement. (I’m guessing that it was a live performance, and these are the parts that they felt were good enough to share?)

There is also a recording of Arvo Pärt’s Pari Intervallo that sounds pretty good. I don’t know the piece well enough to know if it’s complete.

There is even less information on this group’s MySpace page than there is on the Chicago Bass Ensemble’s MySpace page, and that’s saying something. A quick search doesn’t turn up any more information about them.

If you know anything about this group or the players, please leave a comment!