Audition Daily Blog, the sequel – Final Entry

Just got back to my apartment from the audition. “Did not advance.”

So, bummer. But I do not find myself maudlin, sentimental, weepy, morose, dejected, defeated. It’s a fact, it is what it is, it doesn’t negate the hard work I put in. I get the keep the improved abilities that I developed as a result of preparing for the audition and use them other places. So that’s just fine.

I spent a lot of time preparing, it’s true. I won’t get back those evenings or weekends. But that’s okay. I didn’t miss something huge like my child walking for the first time or something like that. (She’s quite past that stage!!) It’s not at all certain that I would have done something unquestionably better with my time. So the cost of time is fine with me.

For the record, the required pieces at the first round, in order:

  • Bach ‘cello suite, one movement (I played the gigue from the first suite).
  • Mozart Symphony #40, Fourth movement, mm. 115 to 138 (with pickup, natch!).
  • Mozart Symphony #40, Fourth movement, 22 before A to A (you know the spot – the hard bit near the beginning.)
  • Beethoven Symphony #5, Third movement opening to meas. 74. Yes, 74 – kind of abrupt ending point.
  • Beethoven Symphony #5, Third movement, trio, no repeat, to that 8 measure rest after B. (This is as far as I got in the audition)
  • Brahms, Symphony #2, Fourth movement, mm. 244 to 279.
  • Mahler, Symphony #1, Third movement bass solo.
  • Strauss, Ein Heldenleben, reh. 40 to reh 41.


On to other things. And cleaning my desk.


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