Scheduling, and Recording

This has to be one of the hardest things for a startup group made up of working professionals: trying to find time to get together, when there isn’t a concert to prepare for. Motivation is low, schedules are full with other commitments and something always comes up.

I’ll confess a giant mea culpa in this regard. I have been meaning, with the best of intentions, to get the Chicago Bass Ensemble together for the last several months. But even when I get my own act together enough to send out a Doodle (marvelous scheduling tool:, I recommend it!), I have dropped the ball on following through.

I’m sure that Michael, John and Doug are wondering if I can really be serious about this thing.

But I have rallied myself once again, and I am working on planning a short recording session for the group. I’ve sent a schedule inquiry to the guys, and (as of this writing) await only one more response. It looks good! There is a block of dates near the end of November where we may be able to fit a few rehearsals and a recording session. I am optimistic! Perhaps I can overcome my demon of getting too busy myself to schedule time for the things I love!

Here is the goal: two well-played and well-recorded tracks before December. If I can get that scheduled and completed, I can accomplish some other important tasks:

  • Update the group’s demo CD.
  • Make a small amount of material available for sale.

Finally, I have set myself another goal: weekly updates on this blog. And I hope that you’ll encourage me. If you read this, please make even the shortest of replies, using the comment form. Let me know that you are watching me!

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

Jacque Harper

2 Responses to “Scheduling, and Recording”

  1. John Floeter says:

    The problem with getting a bunch of capable bass players together is that they are probably busy. “Dontcha wish ya played the flute?” Only when I have to carry it home from a gig- but at least I have a gig(everyone love the way the bass sounds)! We will rock again at the soonest available moment…as soon as I’m done with this latest project….

  2. Yes, reading. It will happen. Soooooon.

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