Audition Daily Blog, the sequel – part 11

Sunday, March 6

Haha, did I have you worried after yesterday’s post? Yeah, me too!

But today, although it got off to a slow start–I didn’t really start practicing until 3 pm, gulp!–turned out to be something of an epic day.

  • Having recorded all the excerpts during yesterday’s practice session, I worked on specific bits that I noted when listening to that recording.
  • Then I set up a mock audition for myself – chose about 10 excerpts, plus the Bottesini solo, took everything down to my unfinished basement and played through each, without going back, without stopping. The sound is different down there, and it’s cold, and the process of moving my music stand etc. resembled a bit what happens in the audition – you get all ready in one room, then you have to pack up all your stuff and move to the audition room. It really breaks your momentum.
  • Back upstairs, I worked some more on particular spots. This time, wearing earplugs to once again change the sound.
  • Finally, I played through everything again, in about 40 minutes. No stopping, no repeating anything. Recorded it, and will listen to that recording early tomorrow morning (and use my notes from that listening for Monday’s practice).

That all felt quite good. To cap off the day, I cleaned out a slow drain in our bathroom sink. That went like it was charmed.

So all in all, a successful day.

The audition is on Wednesday, March 9. I play during the 11:00 am hour (central time). Your good thoughts are always appreciated.

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