I do this sort of thing for a living. The long version is more than what will really make sense in a comment. But here are some starting points:

Get a “real” domain. For example instead of lesliebdunner.wordpress.com get lesliebdunner.com or lesliedunner.com or some variation. If those aren’t available then bolt on something like lesliebdunnerconductor.com. This will cost you perhaps 15 bucks for the domain name and another 8 to 15 bucks per month for the web hosting for your site.

Wherever you can, have organizations link to your site. The wikipedia entry is a good first start because you can edit that yourself. Same thing with all the social media profiles: twitter and linkedin particularly.

Other than that, simply having things that others link to will help. This is one aspect of why a blog or other regularly published thing can be useful. Publish stuff that others want to link to. Your bio etc is not something people will link to on their own very often (though other organizations might if they know you want them to link there when you have a performance etc).

Try those three things and give it four months (the first two you can do in a weekend, the other is an ongoing activity that you should do for at least four months and hopefully longer). You should be able to get to the first or second (behind wikipedia) slot for your own name.

If you have any questions you can your friend should feel free to contact me and I can advise, no charge because bass.