Update for the End of February, 2012

This is a quick update, (mostly so I don’t get out of the habit of writing updates).

I’ve received files from our performance at the Experimental Sound Studio, and will be posting them to SoundCloud sometime in the next seven days or so. I haven’t really listened to everything yet; it seems like life is just a whirlwind of all kinds of activity. If you haven’t listened to it already, the recording of Autogenous Mining from the Chicago Bass Festival is pretty good! When I post the files from February 3, we’ll be able to compare two performances, each with its own character.

I’ve received responses from a handful of local bassists and will soon be setting up a music reading session–probably right at the end of March. I still have a reasonable backlog of music I acquired at last summer’s ISB Convention which I haven’t heard yet.

Finally, I sent off programs from our January and February performances to the composers who were represented but were not present. I know if I were the composer, I’d be glad to learn something about the life of my music after it leaves my hands.

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