Colleen Plumb Book Signing, May 2011

On Sunday May 1, Anton Hatwich and I will be playing at the book signing for Colleen Plumb’s new photography monograph:

Animals Are Outside Today

We’ll be playing:

  • David Anderson’s Seven Double Bass Duets
  • Patrick Neher’s Five Vignettes for two double basses

You could see this event as being a little like our performance at the opening of Cheri Reif Naselli’s Beneath, but there isn’t quite as much theater involved in this performance. There are some animal themes in Dave Anderson’s duets: Kibbles & Kibitz is said to be inspired by dogs barking, there is a movement called Parade of the Politically Prudent Pigs and Gustav’s 11 O’clock Dance is said to be inspired by the crazy antics of a cat at night. One of the Neher vignettes is called “The Snake.” But mostly we’re happy to provide some additional entertainment for Colleen’s book signing.

It’s a pleasure working with Anton again, and I’m looking forward to the event. Also it’s being hosted by good friends of ours in Evanston, Steve and Valerie Hartmann.

About the Book
Published with essays by Lisa Hostetler, curator of photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
Animals are embedded within core human history—evident in our stories, rituals and symbols. At the same time, we eat, wear and cage them with seeming indifference, consuming them in countless ways. Our connection to animals today is often developed through assimilation and appropriation; we absorb them into our lives, yet we no longer know of their origin. Most people are cut off from the steps involved in their processing or acquisition, shielded from witnessing their death or decay. This book moves within these contradictions, always questioning if the notion of sacred will survive alongside our evolution.

About the Artist
Colleen Plumb is an award-winning photographer whose work is held in several photography collections including the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Milwaukee Art Museum, the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, Florida, Fidelity Investments, in Boston and Beijing Natural Cultural Center, China. Her photographs have been exhibited nationwide in many one person and group exhibits, and have been widely showcased in books and publications such as PDN and Hotshoe International. Plumb currently teaches in the Photography Department at Columbia College Chicago.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hey Jacque!
    How was the Five Vignettes play with Anton in May?? Was there a recording (I’d love to hear you guys)??


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